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How to Never Worry About Carrier Outages Again

Posted by on August 6, 2019 9:31 am

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How to Never Worry About Carrier Outages Again

Mike Siegler

Mike Siegler

  • Every business invests in specialized equipment and applications to work more efficiently. For example, devices that monitor communication links and provide automatic failover in the event of a carrier outage. But, when a communication link goes down, somebody still has to call and open a trouble ticket. Either someone on the MSP team, the contracted IT Services team, or worse yet - the organization's own IT team - is going to lose productivity tending to the issue.

    That can be a frustrating waste of time.

    With Ecessa SD-WAN solutions, you not only have built-in automatic failover with outage alerts, but you now have access to Insight+, our unique monitoring service that manages carrier outages on your behalf. Talk about full service.

    Insight+ is a managed service provided by Ecessa’s expert technical team. When an outage occurs:

    • Ecessa SD-WAN appliances automatically provide failover to prevent business disruption.

    • An outage alert is sent to Ecessa’s technical team, available 24/7/365 to resolve the issue.

    • Ecessa technicians open, progress and close trouble tickets, so the network is back to optimum health ASAP.

    Ecessa takes care of everything – with no intervention needed from your team or your client – and the result is a reliable, Never Down network. Read how well Insight+ worked for Egan Company.

    Download the case study:

    To learn more about Ecessa and Insight+ visit

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